Library SDK 2019

Introduction to the Library SDK

MicroStrategy Library is a personalized portal that allows end users to access all of their dossiers from a single location. Library combines powerful search functionality, real-time collaboration, and a simplified design to make accessing and sharing analytics faster and easier than ever before.

The MicroStrategy Library SDK lets you customize the application in the following ways:

  • Rebranding MicroStrategy Library

    Provides instructions on how to customize MicroStrategy Library so that the application has the look and feel of your brand.

  • Using a custom font in MicroStrategy Library

    Provides instructions on how to add a custom font so it can be used in dossiers and documents displayed in MicroStrategy Library.

  • Customizing authentication for MicroStrategy Library

    Provides an overview of the Spring Security Framework, which MicroStrategy Library authentication is based on; an overview of customizing authentication, including diagrams and workflows for different authentication-related requests and a description of the Spring bean definitions used for customizations; and examples of some common authentication customizations.

  • Customizing MicroStrategy Library using URL parameters

    Provides URL parameters that you can use to hide or disable UI elements and functionality in MicroStrategy Library.

To see what the Library SDK provides in the current release, refer to What's New.

To maintain your current customizations and take advantage of new Library features, refer to Upgrading to a newer version of MicroStrategy.

For earlier versions of the Library SDK, refer to Previous Releases.