The handlesAuthenticationRequest method gets called when a request comes in for a page that requires the user to be logged in and there is no valid session on MicroStrategy Intelligence Server. This method tells MicroStrategy Web how to handle the authentication request. This method is invoked during both the default and custom External Security workflow.


The conditions that cause this method to be invoked include:






The following information is provided to help you use this method when you create a custom External Security Module (ESM).


Method signature

public int handlesAuthenticationRequest(RequestKeys reqKeys, ContainerServices cntSvcs, int reason)


The following parameters are passed into the handlesAuthenticationRequest method:


Return values

The following values can be returned by the handlesAuthenticationRequest method:





This call is made only when one of the following conditions is true:



The following operations may take place after the method call has finished, based on the return value: