public class


extends MSTRMessage
   ↳ com.microstrategy.utils.MSTRMessage
     ↳ com.microstrategy.webservices.MWSCompoundParameter

Class Overview

MWSCompoundParameter is an object that represents a localizable message that is a concatenation of localizable messages. Each of the messages is represented by a code. This specialized message does not allow parameters for each of its constituent messages.


Public Constructors
MWSCompoundParameter(int[] _codes, Locale _defaultLocale, String _separator)
MWSCompoundParameter(int[] _codes, Locale _defaultLocale)
Public Methods
String getMessage(Locale locale)
String getMessage()
Inherited Methods
From class com.microstrategy.utils.MSTRMessage
From class java.lang.Object
From interface com.microstrategy.utils.LocalizableMessage

Public Constructors

public MWSCompoundParameter (int[] _codes, Locale _defaultLocale, String _separator)

public MWSCompoundParameter (int[] _codes, Locale _defaultLocale)

Public Methods

public String getMessage (Locale locale)

public String getMessage ()