public class


extends Object
   ↳ com.microstrategy.webservices.MWSBrowseInfo

Class Overview

Currently, only a C# version of this object is used in the web service front-end. MWSFindInfo is actually returned from Java browse methods and used by the web service front-end before it creates a MWSBrowseInfo object and returns this to the client. The incremental browse algortihm was moved into the web service front-end to avoid the problem of exhausting the Java heap. The current incremental browse algorithm collects all objects before returning to the client. The future Java web service may need to reimplement browsing to be incremental at the client level. This class was auto-generated from WSDL by the Apache Axis WSDL2Java emitter.


Public Constructors
Public Methods
ArrayOfMWSObjectInfo getArrayObjectInfo()
String getBrowseID()
int getResultSize()
EnumMWSBrowseStatus getStatus()
void setArrayObjectInfo(ArrayOfMWSObjectInfo arrayObjectInfo)
void setBrowseID(String browseID)
void setResultSize(int resultSize)
void setStatus(EnumMWSBrowseStatus status)
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object

Public Constructors

public MWSBrowseInfo ()

Public Methods

public ArrayOfMWSObjectInfo getArrayObjectInfo ()

public String getBrowseID ()

public int getResultSize ()

public EnumMWSBrowseStatus getStatus ()

public void setArrayObjectInfo (ArrayOfMWSObjectInfo arrayObjectInfo)

public void setBrowseID (String browseID)

public void setResultSize (int resultSize)

public void setStatus (EnumMWSBrowseStatus status)