public interface



Class Overview

The enumeration for the Function SQLType values.


int DssXmlFunctionSQLTypeAggregation Aggregation Function
int DssXmlFunctionSQLTypeArithmetic Arithmetic Function
int DssXmlFunctionSQLTypeComparison Comparison Function
int DssXmlFunctionSQLTypeLogic Logic Function
int DssXmlFunctionSQLTypeRelative Relative Function
int DssXmlFunctionSQLTypeReserved Reserved Type


public static final int DssXmlFunctionSQLTypeAggregation

Aggregation Function

Constant Value: 1 (0x00000001)

public static final int DssXmlFunctionSQLTypeArithmetic

Arithmetic Function

Constant Value: 3 (0x00000003)

public static final int DssXmlFunctionSQLTypeComparison

Comparison Function

Constant Value: 4 (0x00000004)

public static final int DssXmlFunctionSQLTypeLogic

Logic Function

Constant Value: 2 (0x00000002)

public static final int DssXmlFunctionSQLTypeRelative

Relative Function

Constant Value: 5 (0x00000005)

public static final int DssXmlFunctionSQLTypeReserved

Reserved Type

Constant Value: 0 (0x00000000)