AnchorTag The AnchorTag represents a HTML anchor tag. 
ArgumentTag The Argument interface represents an argument of a method defined in either a Transform or Transformable
AttrTag This interface represents a dynamic attribute on a Tag
BaseTag This interface represents a dynamic base object on a Tag
CellTag The CellTag interface represents a HTML table cell. 
DisplayTag The DisplayTag interface represents a dynamic content generating tag with a non-render method. 
DynamicTag The DynamicTag interface contains dynamic contents whose result can only be determined at the runtime. 
EnumHTMLTags The EnumHTMLTags specifies constants for the HTML tag names, attribute names and attribute values. 
IfTag The IfTag interface respresents a conditional tag whose result determines which branch to execute at the runtime. 
ImageTag The ImageTag represents a HTML image tag. 
InputTag The InputTag represents a HTML input tag. 
LayoutTag The LayoutTag interface represents the root tag of a layout source. 
ListTag The ListTag interface provides a list of values at the runtime when it gets rendered. 
NextTag The NextTag interface represents a flow controling tag and is always associated with a ListTag
OnExceptionTag The OnExceptionTag interface represents a exception tag which determines the behavior of a parent dynamic tag whenever there is an exception. 
RenderTag The RenderTag interface represents a dynamic content generating tag. 
ReplaceTag The ReplaceTag interface respresents the section that is used to substitute the external layout template's slot section 
RowTag The RowTag interface represents a row in a HTML table. 
SelectTag The SelectTag interface represents a HTML select tag. 
SlotTag The SlotTag interface respresents a section in the layout that can be replaced 
TableTag The TableTag interface represents a HTML table tag. 
Tag The Tag interface represents a generic XHTML tag in MicroStrategy LayoutTransform
ValuefulTag The ValuefulTag interface represents a tag which the value attribute. 


AnchorTagImpl The AnchorTagImpl class provides the default implementation of the interface AnchorTag
BaseObjectInfo The BaseObjectInfo class is a wrapper around the actual value produced in the base tag The purpose of this class is two-folded: 1. 
JUILLayoutsTagImpl This class implements the behavior of the juilLayouts tag. 
LayoutContext The LayoutContext class holds the information required by the layout rendering methods to generate dynamic contents. 
ListObjectInfo The ListObjectInfo class is a wrapper around the list produced in the list tag It extends the BaseObjectInfo tag but overwrites serveral of its method 

Previous versions of Microstrategy Web used methods in the HTMLHelper class to generate HTML tags; these methods return a String object with the corresponding HTML for the open tag, for example, generateIMG(MarkupOutput, int, String, String) returns:

<img src="firstArgument" title="secondArgument">
The problem is that to generate the String, the method requires to know all the tag attributes (which might be different depending on the usage scenario), so each generateTAG method became overloaded several times for the different scenarios where the tag is used. 
WebBlockSetPropertyTagImpl This tag allows a layout file to set properties on the current Block (which was established by a WebBlockTagImpl tag. 
WebBlockTagImpl This tag creates a new Block and adds it into an existing Block hierarchy. 


ArgumentUnresolvedException Thrown when the value of ArgumentTag can not be resolved. 
ComparisonUnresolvedException Thrown when the operands to be compared in the IfTag can not be compared according to the Operator specified. 
EmptyListException Thrown when the List cached in a LayoutContext is empty. 
MalformedMethodException Thrown when there is any error invoking a rendering method through Java reflection API. 
TypeUnsupportedException Thrown when the type for an ArgumentTag is not supported. 
UnmodifiableException Thrown when attempting to modify a read-only tag.