PreferenceDefinition This encapsulates a more detailed description of a preference object in addition to its name and value. 

This interface defines the facilites available in the Preferences API. 


EmptyNumericStringPreferenceDefinition This class checks the string to validate as a possible preference value it's either an empty string or if it has a value, it is a valid integer with the limits specified... 
EnumPreferenceLevels Copyright © 2002 MicroStrategy, Inc. 
PreferenceAllowableValue This class stores the properties for an allowable value for a preference. 
PreferenceDefinitionBase This class encapsulates the definition of a preference. 
PreferenceDefinitionImpl This class encapsulates the definition of a preference. 
PreferenceDefinitionMinMax Handles preference checks of minimum and maximum values. 
PreferenceLevel All preferences are assigned a PreferenceLevel, which is defined in the context of the PreferenceLevels enumeration. 
PreferenceLevels PreferenceLevel objects are typically grouped into application context groups. 
PreferencesMgr This is the entry point to the preferences functionality in the Web API. 
PreferenceValidationForDefaultLoginMode Handles the validation of the default login mode. 
PreferenceValidationForMargins This class validates Margin preferences for Print and PDF. 
PreferenceValidationForPrintRowsColsPerPage This class validates the rows per page (WebPreferencePrintDefaultRowsPerPage, WebPreferencePrintGridRowsPerPage) and the columns per page (WebPreferencePrintDefaultColsPerPage, WebPreferencePrintGridColsPerPage) on HTML print. 
PreferenceValidationForStrings Handles the validation of a String, for it not to contain invalid characters. 

SysDefaultPrefType manages the PreferenceLevel.SYSTEM definitions and PreferenceLevel.SERVER files for administrative preferences. 


SysPrefType manages the PreferenceLevel.SYSTEM definitions file for application user preferences (object instance: getDefinition(), while its subclass getDefault() manages the PreferenceLevel.SYSTEM definitions file for administrative defaults. 


PreferencesException This problems encapsulates the problems which can occur during preference-related operations.