This interface represents the global information of an application. 

ContainerServices This interfaces exposes, in a generic fashion, the services of any web application container. 
ContainerServicesContext This interfaces exposes, in a generic fashion, the services of any web application container. 
ContainerStringCollection This is a generic collection of string data which came from a Web Container. 
DisconnectedContainerServices This interface represents an intermediary between the and Microstrategy Java application. 
GenericCookie This class represents the features and functionality exposed by a generic Cookie object--independent of the contained web container (e.g., either Java or ASP). 
NamespaceEncoder This interface is used to encode a namespace into the domain of an object. 
ParameterBuilder This defines the interface between the WebEvent and the format that its content are persisted. 
PostedFile The PostedFile interface represents an uploaded file from the client side. 


AbstractConfigurableContainerServices This abstract class provides method implementations for newURIParameterBuilder(), newHiddenInputParameterBuilder() and newNamespaceEncoder()
AbstractConfigurableContainerServices.AbstractContainerStringCollection Abstract class for string collection classes. 
AbstractConfigurableContainerServices.CookieWrapper A implememtation of GenericCookies. 
AbstractParameterBuilder An abstract implementation for ParameterBuilder which stores all information supplied, but is unable to convert it to a string. 
AppGlobalContextImpl The class AppGlobalContextImpl provides the default implementation of the interface AppGlobalContext which is applicable only to ASPx application. 
ApplicationParameters This class represents the application parameters, typically configured through the "microstrategy.xml" file. 
ContainerServicesNamespace This class indicates the usage of namespace in ContainerServices. 
DefaultHiddenInputBuilderImpl The default Hidden Input Builder for the Web Universal application. 
DefaultURIBuilderImpl The default URI Builder for the Web Universal application. 
DeployDescLoader SAX parser for web.xml web.xml sample ... 
DisconnectedContainerServicesImpl This class is an intermediary between the and Microstrategy Java application. 
EmptyNamespaceEncoderImpl This is an implementation of the NamespaceEncoder interface that performs on encoding--it merely passes the original string back to caller. 
HttpServletContainerServices This is the implementation class for the ContainerServices interface when application is running in the Java Web Container environment. 
MultipartRequest The class MultipartRequest allows servlets to process file uploads. 
MultipartRequest.File The class MultipartRequest.File encapsulates uploaded files. 
ParameterBuilderConfig This class is responsible for handling ParameterBuilder configurations. 
RandomNumberMap Used in ASP.Net environment only  
ThreadRegistry This class maintains a simple running/terminating status, tracks threads and timers created by the application, and ensures they are properly cleaned up when we terminate. 


ContainerException This class is deprecated. Not in use since its creation