EnumWebNamedUsers This enumeration contains a list of named users which can be used with the WebUserServicesSource's getNamedUser method. 
WebEditablePrivileges The WebEditablePrivileges interface represents a read-write collection of WebPrivilegeEntry objects, representing an editable set of privileges. 
WebLDAPLoginInfo This interface represents the LDAP settings which can be set on a user entity. 
WebMDSecurityFilter The WebMDSecurityFilter interface represents a first-class metadata security filter object. 
WebNTLoginInfo This interface represents the NT authentication-related settings which can be set on a user. 
WebPrivilegeCategories This interface represents a set of privileges categorized by a custom category type. 
WebPrivilegeCategory This interface represents a collection of privileges which belong to a single category. 
WebPrivilegeEntry The WebPrivilegeEntry interface represents a single privilege. 
WebPrivilegeOrigin The WebPrivilegeOrigin interface represents a single origin of a privilege. 
WebPrivileges The WebPrivileges interface is a collection of WebPrivilegeEntry objects. 
WebRDBMSLoginInfo This interface represents the RDBMS authentication settings which can be set on a user. 
WebSecurityRole The WebSecurityRole interface represents a security role object, which is a first-class object. 
WebStandardLoginInfo This interface represents the settings related to the standard login method which can be set on a user. 
WebSubscriptionUserAddresses This interface allows the client to manage multiple addresses associated with a WebUser in memory and apply all the changes in one call. 
WebUser The WebUser interface represents user-specific account information. 
WebUserEntity The WebUserEntity interface represents a user or group object. 
WebUserGroup The WebUserGroup interface contains group-specific account information. 
WebUserList The WebUserList interface represents an editable list of WebUserEntity objects. 
WebUserSearch This interface provides some search abilities available for users. 
WebUserSecurityFilters The WebUserSecurityFilters interface represents the set of security filters associated with a user entity. 
WebUserSecurityRoles The WebUserSecurityRoles interface represents the set of security roles associated with a user entity. 
WebUserServicesSource The WebUserServicesSource exposes several methods which perform useful operations related to user management.