public interface



Class Overview

This interface represents the license of a server. This interface is obtained from the ServerInstance interface.


Public Methods
abstract String getContractDate()
abstract String getContractId()
abstract int getDesktopAnalystMaxUsers()
abstract int getDesktopArchitectMaxusers()
abstract int getDesktopDesingerMaxUsers()
abstract String getEdition()
abstract String getLicenseKey()
abstract int getMaxCPUs()
abstract int getMaxCPUsAllowed()
abstract int getMaxUsers()
abstract ServerInstanceImpl getOwnerInstance()
abstract String getSoftwareLicenseAgreement()
abstract int getWebAnalystMaxUsers()
abstract int getWebProfMaxusers()
abstract int getWebReporterMaxUsers()
abstract int getWebUnivAnalystMaxUsers()
abstract int getWebUnivProfMaxusers()
abstract int getWebUnivReporterMaxUsers()

Public Methods

public abstract String getContractDate ()

public abstract String getContractId ()

public abstract int getDesktopAnalystMaxUsers ()

public abstract int getDesktopArchitectMaxusers ()

public abstract int getDesktopDesingerMaxUsers ()

public abstract String getEdition ()

public abstract String getLicenseKey ()

public abstract int getMaxCPUs ()

public abstract int getMaxCPUsAllowed ()

public abstract int getMaxUsers ()

public abstract ServerInstanceImpl getOwnerInstance ()

public abstract String getSoftwareLicenseAgreement ()

public abstract int getWebAnalystMaxUsers ()

public abstract int getWebProfMaxusers ()

public abstract int getWebReporterMaxUsers ()

public abstract int getWebUnivAnalystMaxUsers ()

public abstract int getWebUnivProfMaxusers ()

public abstract int getWebUnivReporterMaxUsers ()