Cache The interface Cache represents a real cache slot in the memory of the Intelligence Server. 
CacheDetails The interface CacheDetails contains the detailed information of a cache. 
CacheManipulationFailure The interface CacheManipulationFailure represents a failure in manipulating a cache. 
CacheManipulator The interface CacheManipulator contains operations to manage caches. 
CacheResults The interface CacheResults represents the result of a cache retrieval. 
Caches The interfaces Caches is a collection of Cache
CacheSource The interface CacheSource is the entry point to retrieve and manipulate caches. 
Categories The Categories interface represents a collection of Category objects. 
Category This class represents a Category of performance counters. 
Counter This interface represents a Counter object. 
CounterData This interface represents one data point for one counter. 
CountInfo The interface CountInfo represents count information grouped by a particular field from EnumDSSXMLJobInfo, EnumDSSXMLUserConnectionInfo or EnumDSSXMLDBConnectionInfo
CountSettings The interface CountSettings is a collection of fields to group by when retrieving the count information of monitoring items. 
CountSummary The interface CountSummary along with the interface CountInfo are used to to retrieve count-related information about a monitor information request. 
CubeCache The interface CubeCache represents cube-specific cache properties. 
DBConnection The interface DBConnection represents a single DB connection object returned from the Intelligence Server. 
DBConnectionManipulator The interface DBConnectionManipulator contains operations to disconnect database connections. 
DBConnectionResults The interface DBConnectionResults represents the result of a DB connection retrieval. 
DBConnectionSource The interface DBConnectionSource is the entry point to retrieve and disconnect database connections. 
DBDisconnectionFailure The interface DBDisconnectionFailure represents a failure in disconnecting database. 
EnumWebMonitorStatistics Defines statistical operations for performance monitors. 
EnumWebMonitorType The interface EnumWebMonitorType enumerates the different types of monitors. 
FlatFetchSettings The interface FlatFetchSettings contains the settings for flat fetch. 
IncrementalFetchSettings The interface IncrementalFetchSettings contains the settings for incremental fetch. 
Instance This interface represents an Instance object, which is a collection of counters. 
Job The interface Job describes a job that is active on the Intelligence Server. 
JobDeletionFailure The interface JobDeletionFailure represents a failure in killing a job. 
JobDetails The interface JobDetails contains the details of a job. 
JobManipulator The interface JobManipulator contains operations to kill jobs. 
JobResults The interface JobResults represents the result of a job retrieval. 
JobSource The interface JobSource is the entry point to retrieve and kill jobs. 
MonitorFilter The interface MonitorFilter contains a collection of filter expressions that will be used to filter the results of any monitor information retrieval calls. 
MonitorFilterCondition The interface MonitorFilterCondition represents a filter condition used in monitoring. 
MonitorManipulationFailure The interface MonitorManipulationFailure represents a failure in monitoring Intelligence Server activities. 
MonitorManipulator The interface MonitorManipulator is the super interface for various type specific manipulator sub interfaces. 
MonitorResults The interface MonitorResults represents the results of a monitor retrieval. 
MonitorSort The interface MonitorSort represents a list of sorting criteria that will be used to sort the results of a data retrieval call on the MonitorSource
MonitorSortCondition The interface MonitorSortCondition represents a sort condition on a monitoring retrieval. 
MonitorSource The interface MonitorSource is the entry point to the monitoring functionality. 
PerformanceMonitorInstance The Monitor interface represents one set of monitors on one single Intelligence Server. 
QueryStats This interface represents cube query statistics 
UserConnection The interface UserConnection represents a single user connection. 
UserConnectionManipulator The interface UserConnectionManipulator contains operations to disconnect user connections. 
UserConnectionResults The interface UserConnectionResults represents the result of a user connection retrieval. 
UserConnectionSource The interface UserConnectionSource is the entry point to retrieve and disconnect user connections. 
UserDisconnectionFailure The interface UserDisconnectionFailure represents a failure in disconnecting user connections. 


AbstractCategories The AbstractCategories class is a base class which can be subclassed to implement the (@link Categories} Interface. 
AbstractCategory The AbstractCategory class is a base class which can be subclassed to implement the Category Interface. 
AbstractCounter The AbstractCounter class is a base class which can be subclassed to implement the Counter Interface. 
AbstractInstance The AbstractInstance class is a base class which can be subclassed to implement the Instance Interface. 
MonitorFactory The MonitorFactory is the entry point to access all the monitoring operations. 
PerformanceMonitorManager The MonitorManager class manages all Monitor objects in memory on the Web Server. 


MonitorManipulationException A MonitorManipulationException is thrown if there is a failure in monitoring Intelligence Server activities, such as job monitoring, user connection monitoring, DB connection monitoring etc.