BatchAuditResults The BatchAuditResults interface exposes a single batch of users returned from an audit. 
BatchLicenseAudit The BatchLicenseAudit interface allows the user to retrieve results of the audit in an incremental manner. 
ContactLicenseInfo The ContactLicenseInfo interface represents a single contact’s license information. 
CPULicenseDetails The CPULicenseDetails interface contains information about the CPU licensing state of an Intelligence Server. 
LicensedUsers The LicensedUsers interface represents a list of users which use a license of a single type. 
LicenseSource The LicenseSource interface is the source interface for all license auditing-related functionality. 
MachineCPUInfo This interface represents the CPU usage information of a single Intelligence Server. 
NamedUserLicense This interface represents the usage of a single license type. 
UserLicenseAudit This interface represents the result of an audit operation, which is initiated by calling the auditUsers method on LicenseSource
UserLicenseInfo The UserLicenseInfo interface represents a single user’s license information.