public interface


implements WebCssFormatContainer
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Class Overview

This interface provides collection type methods to traverse and obtain WebHeaders objects. Each WebHeaders object in turn refer to a collection of WebHeader objects that should be laid out in a tabular row - this only applies to row and column WebGridHeaders; page-by headers are typically rendered with a drop-down box so without the concern of laying out page-by headers in a tabular row, they may be encapsulated within a single page-by WebGridHeaders object.


Public Methods
abstract Enumeration<WebHeaders> elements()
abstract WebHeaders get(int index)
Returns the WebHeaders object at the given index (starting from 0).
abstract int getBlockBegin()
abstract int getBlockCount()
abstract boolean isEmpty()
abstract int size()
Inherited Methods
From interface com.microstrategy.web.objects.WebCssFormatContainer

Public Methods

public abstract Enumeration<WebHeaders> elements ()


public abstract WebHeaders get (int index)

Returns the WebHeaders object at the given index (starting from 0).

index index of the element to return.
  • the element at the specified position.
IndexOutOfBoundsException if index is out of range (index < 0 || index >= size()).
See Also

public abstract int getBlockBegin ()

public abstract int getBlockCount ()

public abstract boolean isEmpty ()

  • whether size()==0.

public abstract int size ()

  • the number of WebHeaders in the collection.