public interface



Class Overview

This interface is a helper interface which manages the generation of CSS from formatting settings. The CSS string generated will include two parts, one part which refers to the default formatting, and another part which contains settings from the report-specific formatting classes. Note that the CSS classes generated from the default properties will have the base name css_default_class.


int CSS_MODE_EXCEL Excel targeted mode of css string.
int CSS_MODE_GENERAL General mode of css string.
Public Methods
abstract void applyInteractiveGridStyle(int borderWidth, int[] padding, int lineHeight, int theme)
abstract boolean cssUsesFilter()
Return whether the css uses filters for special visual effect for IE.
abstract void disableFixedCellLayout()
Turns off fixed cell layout generation.
abstract void ensureFixedCellLayout(int borderWidth, int paddingTop, int paddingRight, int paddingBottom, int paddingLeft, int lineHeight)
This API ensures that the generated CSS represents cells with fixed sizes using the fixed properties passed e.g.
abstract String getCSS(int mode, boolean includeDefaultCSS)
Return the CSS string, which is composed from the formatting properties set on the report associated with this object, according to the input mode.
abstract String getCSS()
Generates css with mode CSS_MODE_GENERAL and includes defaults.
abstract String getCSS(int mode)
Generates css with defaults.
abstract int getCSSClassCount()
abstract int getCSSClassCount(boolean includeDefaultCSS)
abstract Map<String, WebFormat> getFormats(int flag)
Returns a Map collection of WebFormat objects, each of which represents a style or a class.
abstract double getParentFontSize()
Return the current parent font size setting.
abstract String getPrefix()
Returns the report prefix, which will be added in front of all CSS classes' name in any CSS code generated from this class.
abstract boolean getRenderStyleTag()
Returns the flag which controls whether