public class


extends ServerCacheBase
   ↳ com.microstrategy.utils.cache.CacheBase
     ↳ com.microstrategy.web.objects.ServerCacheBase
       ↳ com.microstrategy.web.objects.ServerDefBypassAclCache

Class Overview

This class is used to cache the Intelligent Server definition that retrieved without checking ACL.


Inherited Constants
From class com.microstrategy.utils.cache.CacheBase
Inherited Fields
From class com.microstrategy.utils.cache.CacheBase
Public Methods
static ServerDefBypassAclCache getInstance()
Protected Methods
Object load(CacheHint hint)
Inherited Methods
From class com.microstrategy.web.objects.ServerCacheBase
From class com.microstrategy.utils.cache.CacheBase
From class java.lang.Object
From interface com.microstrategy.utils.cache.Cache

Public Methods

public static ServerDefBypassAclCache getInstance ()

Protected Methods

protected Object load (CacheHint hint)

Overridable. Creates a new cached object instance and populates it with data from the persistent storage. In case the object not found in the persistent storage the implementation can return either null or a dummy object.

hint the hint object.
  • the object or null.