public class


extends AppControllerImpl
   ↳ com.microstrategy.web.controller.AppControllerImpl
     ↳ com.microstrategy.web.certificate.CertificateController


protected CertificateProvider certProvider
Public Constructors
Public Methods
void errorAfterRedirect(RequestState reqState, Exception e)
String getBaseURL(ContainerServices cs)
String getPage(RequestState reqState)
void initializeApp(ContainerServices cs)
ExternalSecurity newExternalSecurity()
RequestState newRequestState()
boolean processRequest(RequestState reqState)
Supported actions:
  • SignCSR.
Protected Methods
String errorXML(String message, int errorCode)
Inherited Methods
From class com.microstrategy.web.controller.AppControllerImpl
From class java.lang.Object
From interface com.microstrategy.web.controller.AppController


protected CertificateProvider certProvider

Public Constructors

public CertificateController ()

Public Methods

public void errorAfterRedirect (RequestState reqState, Exception e)

public String getBaseURL (ContainerServices cs)

public String getPage (RequestState reqState)

public void initializeApp (ContainerServices cs)

public ExternalSecurity newExternalSecurity ()

public RequestState newRequestState ()

public boolean processRequest (RequestState reqState)

Supported actions:

  • SignCSR. Sign a CSR. Parameter: csr - the CSR. Returns one or more PEM certficates, the first will be the signed certificate, along with any certificates along the chain.

Protected Methods

protected String errorXML (String message, int errorCode)