public class


extends Object

Class Overview

This class is used to manage a set of rows and column in a table which is displayed in the Task Processor Administrator web application.


Nested Classes
class DatasetTable.DatasetCell  
class DatasetTable.DatasetColumn  
class DatasetTable.DatasetRow  
Public Constructors
Public Methods
DatasetTable.DatasetColumn addColumn(String headerName)
DatasetTable.DatasetRow addRow()
void addRowColIndexValue(DatasetTable.DatasetRow row, int columnIndex, Object value)
void addRowColumnValue(DatasetTable.DatasetRow row, DatasetTable.DatasetColumn column, Object value)
DatasetTable.DatasetColumn getColumn(int index)
int getColumnSize()
DatasetTable.DatasetRow getRow(int index)
Object getRowColIndexValue(DatasetTable.DatasetRow row, int columnIndex)
Object getRowColumnValue(DatasetTable.DatasetRow row, DatasetTable.DatasetColumn column)
int getRowSize()
void reorderRows(String[] rowKeys)
Inherited Methods
From class java.lang.Object

Public Constructors

public DatasetTable ()

Public Methods

public DatasetTable.DatasetColumn addColumn (String headerName)

public DatasetTable.DatasetRow addRow ()

public void addRowColIndexValue (DatasetTable.DatasetRow row, int columnIndex, Object value)

public void addRowColumnValue (DatasetTable.DatasetRow row, DatasetTable.DatasetColumn column, Object value)

public DatasetTable.DatasetColumn getColumn (int index)

public int getColumnSize ()

public DatasetTable.DatasetRow getRow (int index)

public Object getRowColIndexValue (DatasetTable.DatasetRow row, int columnIndex)

public Object getRowColumnValue (DatasetTable.DatasetRow row, DatasetTable.DatasetColumn column)

public int getRowSize ()

public void reorderRows (String[] rowKeys)