public class


extends AdminContextTag
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Public Constructors
Public Methods
AdminContextTagHelper getHelper()
Method for retrieving the helper related with the tag.
void setBaseURL(boolean baseURL)
void setHtmlEncode(boolean htmlEncode)
void setSelectedTaskContentTypeParamName(String paramName)
void setSelectedTaskEnvParamName(String paramName)
void setSelectedTaskParamName(String paramName)
Inherited Methods
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From class java.lang.Object

Public Constructors

public AdminTaskURLTag ()

Public Methods

public AdminContextTagHelper getHelper ()

Method for retrieving the helper related with the tag.

  • an instance from AdminContextTagHelper which takes care of processing and rendering the HTML contents related with this tag.

public void setBaseURL (boolean baseURL)

public void setHtmlEncode (boolean htmlEncode)

public void setSelectedTaskContentTypeParamName (String paramName)

public void setSelectedTaskEnvParamName (String paramName)

public void setSelectedTaskParamName (String paramName)