The root package for all MicroStrategy Web Application classes.

Package Specification

This package forms the root for all MicroStrategy Web functionality.

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BrowserSettings This interface enables to access settings or preferences that have been defined outside the Preferences instance. 
ComponentInitializationContext This interface defines a way that the application can save components between the request boundaries. 
EnumWebAppDebugFlags This is the enumeration of all the error codes generated by objects in the application layer. 
EnumWebAppErrorCodes This is the enumeration of all the error codes generated by objects in the application layer. 

This is an enumeration of browser setting names used by Microstrategy Web. 

EnumWebConfigBeanType This interface is deprecated. With the introduction of the centralized BeanFactory class, bean configuration type distinctions are no longer relevant.  
EnumWebLoginSessionProperties This enumeration defines the properties that might be saved in the WebIServerSession as an extra property when creating the session. 
EnumWebPages This is the enumeration of all the pages that the mstrWeb servlet expect to exist. 
EnumWebParameters This is the enumeration that holds the name of the parameters that JSP pages generate for some classes to use. 
EnumWebPropertySource This class defines the enumeration constants used to specify the MSTR Object to be returned from the MstrObjects class. 
EnumWebVisualizationViewModes The values on this enumeration "extend" the values from EnumWebReportViewMode

Title: ExternalSecurity. 

StatsHandlerSupport.Data Request statistics. 
WebAppSessionManager This is the interface for the MicroStrategy Web session manager. 


AbstractBrowserSettings This class provides a common implementation of BrowserSettings interface. 

Title: AbstractExternalSecurity. 

AbstractWebLoginProvider This class defines the interface for a web login provider. 
AddonInfo AddonInfo objects are executed right before calling the collectData method on the WebComponents of the beans hirarchy. 
AddonInfoList The AddonInfoList class is a collection of AddonInfo instances that holds information about addons of a Page. 
AllowContentTypes Class that represents the node NODE_ALLOW_CONTENT_TYPES of the resourceFeedConfig.xml. 
AllowDomains Class that represents the node NODE_ALLOW_DOMAINS of the resourceFeedConfig.xml. 
BrowserSettingDefinition Defines a single cookie used by the application and the default value to use if the setting for the cookie is missing. 
BrowserSettingDefinitionList This class instance contains a collection of BrowserSettingDefinition instances. 
ComponentInitializationContextImpl This class implements the ComponentInitializationContext interface. 
ContentType Class that represents the node NODE_CONTENT_TYPE of the resourceFeedConfig.xml. 
ContextInfo The ContextInfo element defines a group of folder links, or shortcuts. 
CookieBrowserSettings This class provides cookie implementation of BrowserSettings interface. 

Title: DefaultExternalSecurity. 

DefaultFacebookLoginProvider This defines a default implementation for Facebook login provider. 
DenyDomains Class that represents the node NODE_DENY_DOMAINS of the resourceFeedConfig.xml. 
Domain Class that represents the node NODE_DOMAIN of the resourceFeedConfig.xml. 
DynamicMenus Groups all the menus used by the application. 
ErrorInfo This class is used by the application to change the title and message of the error, to indicate whether the error is expected by the iframe in the event of an iframe request, or to find the page to which the user is redirected when the error occurs. 
ErrorInfo.ErrorMessage Defines the message to be displayed in the error alert box. 
ErrorInfo.ErrorTitle Defines the title to be displayed in the error alert box. 
ErrorInfoList The ErrorInfoList class lists the errors or special conditions that can occur in the application. 
EventFlagList This class defines a list of FlagInfo objects 
EventFlagListSet This class defines a list of EventFlagList objects 
EventHandlerInfo A EventHandlerInfo class instance represents the information regarding a flag. 
EventHandlerList This class defines a list of EventFlagList objects 
EventMap This class represents an event Map. 
EventMap.EventMapArgument Represents an argument that will be mapped as part of an event-map. 
EventMapList The EventMapList class is a collection of EventMaps instances that holds information about how to map events. 
ExportFormat Defines the properties of a single export format supported by the application. 
ExportFormatList This class defines a list of ExportFormat objects 
FacebookLoginConfig This is a helper class for accessing the properties file for Facebook login provider. 

Title: FeaturesHelper. 

FlagInfo A FlagInfo class instance represents the information regarding a flag. 
FolderLink The FolderLink element defines a shortcut to a folder (in the metadata) that is used by a folder browser or editor associated with the context. 
FolderMapping This class represents a Folder Map. 
FolderMappingList The FolderMappingList class represents a collection of FolderMapping instances. 
GenericBrowserSettings This abstract class represents a generic implementation of the BrowserSettings interface. 

Title: GraphFormatHelper. 

GraphFormatInfoHelper.GraphFormatInfo All nodes are set as inner classes  
HttpBrowserSettings This class is deprecated. Use CookieBrowserSettings instead.  
JavaScriptInfo JavaScriptInfo objects represent the JavaScript code to be executed based on the JavaScript event specified in the event argument for this node. 
JavaScriptInfoList The JavaScriptInfoList class is a collection of JavaScriptInfo instances that hold information about all the Javascript to be executed on different javascript events for a page. 
MSTRWebController This is the AppController class for the main MicroStrategy Web application. 
ObjBrowserFolderLinks Lists a series of folder link definitions. 
PageInfo A PageInfo class instance represents the information regarding a page that can be handled by the Web Application. 
PageManager This class represents the root element of the page-config. 
PaperSizes Defines a single valid paper size. 
PaperSizesList The element lists a series of paper size definitions. 
PreferenceBrowserSettings This class provides a user preference implementation of browser settings. 
ProjectInfo Groups a set of shortcuts to system folders on a project basis. 
ProjectInformation This class contains the basic information regarding a project that can exist on a server 

Title: Property. 

PropertySet The PropertySet class encapsulates information about property sets used to store formatting properties 

Title: PropertySetHelper. 

PropertySets The PropertySets class is a collection of property sets used to define formatting properties 
PropertyValue The PropertyValue class encapsulates information about the values of the formatting properties 
ResourceFeedConfig Class used to load the resourceFeedConfig.xml. 
SectionInfoList The SectionInfoList class is a collection of SectionInfo instances that holds information about which file to use for that section in the Template. 
ServerAdminController This is the application controller used by Intellingence Server administration portal. 
SessionManager This class is deprecated. All of the functionality on this class has been replaced by WebAppSessionManager. Please use that interface instead of this one. The SessionManager class has been designed as a controller for the sessions that can be opened through a Web Application with projects in one or more I-Servers. The SessionManager is also enabled to provide the list of projects that should be shown as available to the user, given a provided login or in general based on the I-Servers available.
For recognizing one session from the other, a key is used based on the I-Server name, the Project and the Port used for connecting, so users are enabled to switch from one project to others (even in different I-Servers) and the session will be obtained and applied accordingly. Methods like fixCurrentWebIServerSession(AppContext appContext) take care of preparing which WebIServerSession instance shall be used for the rest of the user request, so the proper one is provided when the getWebIServerSession() call is done.
The SessionManager interacts with the ExternalSecurity instance defined at the application level, which in turn can create, close and manipulate the sessions that exist defined on this SessionManager instance. If the ExternalSecurity delegates all these functions to the SessionManager, then the information provided by the user or application via the RequestKeys and other settings will be used for creating the sessions.
Shortcut The Shortcut is a multi-purpose class used to configure elements that generate all sort of links or shortcuts, like menu items, drop-down lists and context menu items. 
ShortcutArgument The Shortcut class encapsulates information that can be displayed as option or shortcut for a given page. 
ShortcutEvent Defines either an event to be executed when the user clicks on the parent shortcut link or an update action to be performed on the shortcut when the event is handled by the application. 
ShortcutList The ShortcutList class is a multipurpose class that represents a list of Shortcut objects. 
ShortcutListSet The ShortcutListSet class groups a list of objects, which each define a group of shortcut objects. 
StaticSession This class is deprecated. Functionality afforded by this class has been superceded by WebAppSessionManager and the external security feature.  
StaticSessionList This class is deprecated. Static Sessions is not a feature supported by the application anymore. This class is not available anymore in the PageManager and will be removed from the application.  
StatsHandler This class implements the StatsHandlerSupport interface and extends the FileHandler class. 
StringRequestKeys The StringRequestKeys class makes available to the application the values of parameters passed on a specified string, with URL format. 

Title: SystemPickerList. 

TemplateInfo This class holds the information required by a Page Template to render. 
TemplateInfoList The TemplateInfoList class is a collection of TemplateInfos instances that holds information about how to map events. 

Title: ToolbarInfoList. 


Title: PropertySetHelper. 


This class represents the visualization gallery node in visualizationGallery.xml

WebAttribute The WebAttribute class defines an html attribute name-value pair that is added to the object's container (for example, it is added within the <div> tag of the corresponding object) when rendered. 
WebAttributeList The WebAttributeList groups a list of WebAttribute objects. 
WebBeanInfoList The WebBeanInfoList class represents a collection of WebBeanInfo objects, corresponding to the beans defined for a given Page. 
WebBeanProperty The WebBeanProperty class represents a property of a bean defined for a given Page. 
WebBeanPropertyList The WebBeanPropertyList class represents a collection of WebBeanProperty instances of a bean defined for a given Page. 
WebBeanStyle Associates a transform with a bean, and allows to change the values of formal-parameters based on the values specified in the child WebBeanProperty elements. 
WebBeanStyleList The WebBeanStyleList groups a list of WebBeanStyle objects. 
WebGuiComponent The Shortcut WebGuiComponent represents a bean - style pair. 
WebGuiComponentList The WebGuiComponentList class represents a collection of WebComponent objects, corresponding to the components defined for a given Page. 
WebLoginProviderInfo The WebLoginProviderInfo class defines the the provider class for a web login mode. 
WebLoginProviderList The WebLoginProviderList class lists the providers for the web login modes. 
WebWrapperAttributeList The WebBeanPropertyList class represents a collection of WebBeanProperty instances of a bean defined for a given Page. 
Widget This class represents a widget node of the widgets.xml
A Widget is a way to display the report/document data. 
WidgetProp Represents a WidgetProp node in visualizationsGallery.xml 
WidgetProps Represents a WidgetProps node in visualizationsGallery.xml 
Widgets This class represents a visualization list node of the visualizations.xml. 
XMLFormatterEx Format a LogRecord into a XML format with data equivalent to that generated by MSTRLog. 
XMLTracingFormatter An XML-based formatter that can distinguish between errors and debug stack tracing. 


WebAppConfigurationRuntimeException WebAppConfigurationRuntimeException is an exception that extends the WebAppRuntimeException. 
WebAppException Exception class for all errors thrown from the Web app objects. 
WebAppRuntimeException Exception class for all errors thrown from the Web app objects for unrecoverable error.