GeoData GeoData interface. 
GeoDataRequestResultVisitor<E extends MapObject> The lookup info object visitor. 
GeoDataSerializer The GeoData object serialization interface. 
MapObjectRepository<T extends MapObject>  
MapObjectSerializer<E extends MapObject>  
MapProjection The interface for Map projection system. 


BoundingBox The bounding box object represents the rectangle object that covers the boundary of the geo object. 
ComboGeoData The ComboGeoData contains a heterogeneous GeoData objects. 
DouglasPeuckerSimplification Stack-based Douglas Peucker line simplification routine returned is a reduced GLatLng array After code by Dr. 
GeoDataJSONSerializer The GeoDataSerializer sub class that generates JSON data GeoData objects 
GeoPath The GeoPath object represents a path/line object in the map. 
GeoPoint The GeoPoint object represent a point in the map. 
GeoPolygon A GeoPolygon object represent a polygon object that can contains holes. 
GeoRequestBase Request object contains all the parsed query parameters, including query target type, query fields, and basic utility functions. 
GoogleMapProjection Google map projection, convert from LatLng object to world coordinate and from world coordinate to PixelPoint object. 
KMLShapeRepository The repository loads the kml files and creates and caches the @{link KMLObject} into memory for query. 
LatLng Represent the latitude and longitude of a map location. 
LookupRequest A request object for querying the geo object lookup info. 
MapObject The base class for map objects such as markers, line objects, shapes etc. 
MapShape The MapShape object is a subtype of MapObject created for representing a shape object stored in a repository. 
MapShapeRepository The MapShapeRepository loads shape data from file databases and caches the geomtry data into memory. 
MultiGeoData<E extends GeoData> The abstract class of the list of same type of GeoData object. 
MultiGeoPolygon A MultiGeoPolygon can contain multiple polygons. 
MultiGeoPolyline A MultiGeoPolyline can contain multiple paths. 
PixelPoint The pixel coordinate of a given point in the map 
Point The class contains the x,y coordinates of a point in the Cartesian coordinate system. 
QueryRequest Query object to set parameters for map object repository. 
ShapeHierarchy The shape hierarchy class parses the hierarchy info file and generate two map objects (child to parent and parent to child relationship). 
ShapeHierarchy.HierarchyStructure A inner class used to store the child:parent relationship objects 
TileService The tile service reads the tile files and generates the map of tile id and shape ids.