AttributesXt This interface is a wrapper around org.xml.sax.Attributes, adding helper methods to cast attribute values to various data types. 
MessageRouter This interface represents the callback for reporting warnings and errors to the system. 


AbstractHandler A base class for content handlers 
AbstractHandlerWithText This class is deprecated. use AbstractHandler 
DefaultContentHandler This class is used as a default base class for an XML ContentHandler. 
DefaultErrorHandler This class implements the org.xml.sax.ErrorHandler interface by implementing the error(SAXParseException), fatalError(SAXParseException) and warning(SAXParseException) methods. 
DefaultMessageRouter This class represents a simple Message Router implementation that simply sends its strings to the System.err channel. 
DOMSupport The DOMSupport class is used to abstract away parser-specific and JAXP-supported DOM-related operations. 
FileFinderEntityResolver This EntityResolver tries to create the InputStream using the FileFinder, which basically looks for files in the class-path. 
FileLoaderEntityResolver Extends FileFinderEntityResolver by providing support to load dtd files from the file system using the FileLoader
ParserParameters This class is used to pass all parameters expected by the parse method of the DOMSupport class. 
SAXHelper This is a helper class that assists in the parsing of XML files using SAX. 
SAXSupport This is a wrapper around the SAX parser that provides the following services:
  • Hides the actual parser implementation
  • Maintains the stack of active ContentHandlers
  • Provide set of static helper methods for dealing with XML content

This class is not thread-safe. 

SaxToDomHandler A class that converts an XML subtree into DOM document 
SAXXMLStringDumper This class helps extract a valid XML string embedded inside another xml. 
SerializerParameters This class is used to pass all parameters expected by the serialize method of the DOMSupport class. 
SimpleErrorHandler This is a very simple XML-ErrorHandler. 
XMLBuilder The purpose of this class is to assist in the creation of well-formed XML documents directly in the string buffer. 
XMLUtils This class provides additional utilities that can be applied to the XML. 
XSLTSupport This class provides parser-independent, JAXP-based, support for XSLT-based operations. 


SAXParsingException This is a generic exception that is raised when performing SAX parsing. 
SAXSupportException Exception thrown by SAXSupport methods to report problems with XML format or content. 
XMLBuilderException An exception thrown by the XMLBuilder methods when call to a method will result in bad-formed XML document.