public interface


implements Attributes

Class Overview

This interface is a wrapper around org.xml.sax.Attributes, adding helper methods to cast attribute values to various data types.


Public Methods
abstract Attributes getAttrs()
abstract boolean getBoolValue(String name)
abstract boolean getBoolValue(String name, boolean defaultVal)
abstract int getIntValue(String name, int defaultVal)
abstract int getIntValue(String name)
abstract String getStrValue(String name, String defaultVal)
abstract String getStrValue(String name)
Inherited Methods
From interface org.xml.sax.Attributes

Public Methods

public abstract Attributes getAttrs ()

public abstract boolean getBoolValue (String name)

public abstract boolean getBoolValue (String name, boolean defaultVal)

public abstract int getIntValue (String name, int defaultVal)

public abstract int getIntValue (String name)

public abstract String getStrValue (String name, String defaultVal)

public abstract String getStrValue (String name)