ASN1Constants ASN.1 and some other constants holder interface 
ContentEncoder This interface represents an encoder  
CustomizationsListener Interface used to notify classes about changes in the Customizations. 
DeltaProperties.Visitor Implement this interface, and use either visit(com.microstrategy.utils.DeltaProperties.Visitor, boolean) or DeltaProperties#visitAll(com.microstrategy.utils.DeltaProperties.Visitor) to traverse the contents of a DeltaProperties object. 
EnumWebLoginModes This enumeration defines the login modes that are only available on web server side, but not supported by I-Server. 
FlattenedTreeNode When a Tree is flattened into an Enumeration, the objects returned are of this type. 
MutableTreeNode<T> This interface extends the concept of a "generic" tree node GenericTreeNode by providing a set of methods that change its contents. 
RegionalOptionsVisitor Visitor for traversing the regional options XML. 
StdOutErrToFileMXBean Configures System.out and System.err to redirect to a file. 


Base16 This class is deprecated. This should no longer be used. Binary to string mappings should use base 64 encoding (see Base64).  
Base64 Facade around Base64Harder that predefines encode and decode options to use the URL_SAFE option. 

Encodes and decodes to and from Base64 notation. 

Base64Harder.InputStream A Base64Harder.InputStream will read data from another, given in the constructor, and encode/decode to/from Base64 notation on the fly. 
Base64Harder.OutputStream A Base64Harder.OutputStream will write data to another, given in the constructor, and encode/decode to/from Base64 notation on the fly. 
BasicHTMLEncoder Class for performing an HTML encoding on the data. 
BerInputStream Decodes ASN.1 types encoded with BER (X.690) 
BridgeUtils This class is only used internally for BridgeUtils .Net project. 
ClassFinder This ia a utility class for finding classes. 
ContentEncoderChain This class represents the list of encoders used to encode data. 

This class represents the customization information within a Customization folder. 

Customizations This class is responsible for searching Customizations in MicroStrategy Web. 
DAG This class represents a generic Directed Acyclic Graph. 
DAG.AnnotatableObject This is a simple object which can be "annotated" with caller-specified properties. 
DAG.Edge This class represents an Edge in the Directed Acyclic Graph. 
DAG.Vertex This class represents an end point ("vertex") in a Directed Acyclic Graph. 
DateTimeConverter The DateTimeConverter class will allow the user to change dates/times between GMT, which is what the I-Server returns timestamps in, and the local time zone of the end user. 

This class provides a means to detect property changes such that we can tell exactly which properties have changed from the original values. 

DerInputStream Decodes ASN.1 types encoded with DER (X.690) 
EnumTriStateIndicator Internal housekeeping. 
FileDispenser FileDispenser is a utility that locates a user customizable file. 

Helper class for locating files. 

FileLoader The FileLoader is the class used by MicroStrategy Web classes to load files from the file-system or class-path. 
FlattenedEnumerationBase This is the base class for a set of classes that produce an enumeration (or "flattening") of a Tree. 
FlattenedTreeNodeImpl This is the implementation class for the FlattenedTreeNode interface. 
FormatUtils This class provides support for parsing and formatting different data types used in our application. 
GenericJsonGenerator This class generates JavaScript Object Notation strings (JSON) 
GenericTreeNodeImpl<T> This class represents a generic node in an ordered tree data structure. 
GUID_Generator This class provides a static method to generate global unique identifier in the format of string with 32 hex characters. 
GZIPHelper GZIPHelper is a utility class to compress/decompress data using GZIP alorithm (aka LZ77 algorithm). 
HashList<K, V> The HashList class allows the user to add, remove and examine the s in a given collection. 
IntegerPool Pool of reusable Integer objects. 
JsonEncoder This class encodes the JSON string. 
JsonPrettyPrinter This class can "pretty-print" JSON text for diagnostic purposes. 
KeyedList<T extends KeyedObject>  
LRUHashList A simple HashList wrapper where entries expire on a LRU basis. 
MSTRCheckedException.ExceptionXMLHandler This handler is used to parse XML error messages, and provides a means to extract a more meaningful message out of it. 

MicroStrategy Java SDK supports Java Management Extensions (JMX). 

MutableTreeNodeImpl<T> This is a mutable (changeable) Tree Node. 
NumberParser This class is intended to parse a string into a number based on Locale. 
ObjectArray This class is only used internally for BridgeUtils .Net project. 
ObjectRegistry This class represents an in-memory registry of live objects. 
PreorderEnumeration This class performs a preorder traversal of the tree specified by the supplied GenericTreeNode
ReflectionHelper A helper class that allows creating new object instances and getting/setting object's properties via reflection 
SimpleListObj This class will allow the user to add, remove, and examine the objects in the given collection. 
SmartProperties SmartProperties simplifies file persistence handling by using the FileFinder to locate the properties file. 
StdOutErrToFile JMX bean to redirect Java standard out and err streams to a file. 
StringStore A helper class that can be used to locally internalize strings. 
StringTokenizerWithEscape Works like java.util.StringTokenizer but with support for an escape character. 
StringUtils This class provides static utility methods for doing string processing. 
SystemInfo Utility class for checking Java system properties. 
Tree<T> The tree structure whose value on each tree node is of type T. 
UnsynchronizedStack Provides various peek and push operations similar to the java.util.Stack class except this is unsynchronized. 
ValidationHelper This is a simple helper class with methods to validate strings. 
WebPrivilegeHelper This class is used to easily retrieve the localized name and description of a privilege from its enumeration in EnumDSSXMLPrivilegeTypes 
WebStatsHelper This class assists in generating Web Statistics for the application. 
WebTools This class provides static utility methods that can be used in various tasks. 
WebURLEncoder This class provides methods to encode a string for use in a URL. 
ZipUtils This utility class is currently used for compress/uncompress utilities. 


ASN1Exception Thrown by decoder/encoder stream to indicate violation of encoding rules.