ConfigurationElement This is the base interface used by those classes that represent a configuration element, that is, a class that can be configured using an external file. 
ConfigurationElementList This interface represents a collection of ConfigurationElement instances. 
ConfigurationFile This is the interface that represents an instance of a configuration file. 



The AbstractConfigurationElement is the abstract class that represent a ConfigurationElement, that is, a class that can be configured using an external file. 

AbstractConfigurationElementList This is the base for those classes that represent a collection of ConfigurationElement instances. 
AbstractElementList This is the base class for nodes that represents a list in a configuration file. 
ClientSideLayout This class is a cache entry in a server-side cache. 
ClientSideLayoutCacheHint This class provides the hint to use when looking up client side layout caches (for use in the Javascript UI Library [JUIL]). 
ClientSideLayouts This class provides the front-end from retrieving client-side layout contents for use with the Javascript UI Library (JUIL). 
ConfigChangeObserver Observer callback for clients interested in changes to either a ConfigFileManager directory, a specific ConfigFile. 

A ConfigFileManager instance provides notifications about changes that occur in its governing directory, or a specific file manage(String)

ConfigurationFilesCache This is the Cache of configuration files. 
ConfigurationFilesCache.ConfigurationFileCacheHint This is the CacheHint for the ConfigurationFilesCache. 
ConfigurationSource An important requirement is the ability to support loading the xml definition from multiple sources, i.e. 
EnumConfigFileChangeEvent Enumeration class defining file change events.